Dr Kasia Lech

Ireland, Dublin, July 25th, 2018

I have known Konrad Kania from 2012 in my capacity as an actor and Artistic Liaison at Polish Theatre Ireland. Konrad worked with a company as a composer and sound designer on Chesslaugh Mewash (2012), Delta Phase (2012), and Bubble Revolution (2013, ongoing). I performed in all these shows and was also involved in the production side of Chesslaugh Mewash and Bubble Revolution. Based on the quality of his work, professionalism, and personal communication I would strongly recommend Konrad.

From an actor’s point of view, it is a privilege to work with a composer like Konrad. He respects the actor and the actor’s interpretation of their role and does all he can to support it. I always felt that the music he wrote for Chesslaugh Mewash, Delta Phase, and Bubble Revolution was another stage partner for me to engage with and bounce off. It is very special experience. From talking to the directors who collaborated with Konrad, I know their encounters with Konrad were also extremely positive. He is a composer that truly listens to the leading idea and views himself and his music as part of the collaborative team and mise-en-scène respectively. This is a rare quality. Working on the production side, I found Konrad to be extremely flexible, reliable, and generous with his work and time. It is also worth mentioning that Konrad’s music for Bubble Revolution got several compliments during the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe. Some spectators even explicitly asked where they can find his other work. This did not surprise me as I always found Konrad’s music to be of the highest quality.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.


Dr Kasia Lech

Actor and Artistic Liaison at Polish Theatre Ireland Senior Lecturer in Performing Arts MPA Director of International, Equality and Diversity Officer School of Music and Performing Arts Canterbury Christ Church University

Dr Kasia Lechhttp://canterbury.academia.edu/KasiaLech
Music Dublin

Ireland, Dublin, April 25th, 2018

Konrad had been working with Music Dublin composing music logo and voice over presentation for us. His versatility and approach to a project are second to none, creating audio that is professional and engaging. We have been most impressed not only with the highest standards of the work he delivers, but his passion and enthusiasm for music. Simply speaking- brilliant, fast and very professional collaboration that we would be thrilled to repeat for future projects.

Music Dublin, TV Channel

Music Dublinwww.musicdublin.com

Ireland, Dublin, July 13th, 2018

I have had the pleasure of working with Konrad before on a theatre project to which he brought his vast skill set as an artist and added a whole new dimension to the work. It was exemplary and was much more than I asked for both as soundscape and as an original score. in the event of future projects Konrad would be my first port of call.

Simon Toal, Actor, Entertainer


Ireland, Dublin, November 6th, 2017

Konrad is a great teacher, patient and understanding! I made a lot of progress since I joined and would recommend anyone to take classes with him, whether you’re just starting or want to improve your playing. Great value in the contents and training.

Mateusz, Guitar Student


Ireland, Dublin, September 26th, 2017

Konrad was my guitar teacher for over 4 years and I truly learned so much from him! He was my main inspiration to develop as a musician and since I began working with him I have fallen in love with music. He opened so many doors to my musical intelligence and I can now say that I am a good guitar player! Our lessons were always high standard and the preparation and effort put into them could be seen clearly.

Emily, Guitar Student

Agnieszka Ciupek

Ireland, Dublin, December 13th, 2015

The cooperation with Konrad Kania that had a place during the recital of mine and the pianist Dearbhla Collins on 30th of November 2015  in a National Concert Hall was absolutely great experience when it comes to it’s quality, involvement and general organization of Konrad’s work and help.

We didn’t know much about our musical past or work of each other while we first met  but I was suprised very positively seeing professional sound material that I was given very shortly after the performance. Konrad was recording our recital the other day. I would highly recommend his service to anybody interested at sound engineer’s work who’s friendly attitude, open mind for suggestions of others and simultaneously he is open for sharing his own ideas and comments according to the music subject.

Very well done, looking forward to future projects with Konrad Kania.

Agnieszka Ciupek, Opera Singer

Agnieszka Ciupek
Agnes Janowska

Ireland, Dublin, November, 16h, 2015

I met Konrad through a mutual friend. I found him very friendly and open personality. Our paths crossed again when I asked him to do a meditation recording for me. Konrad is amazing to work with. He is calm, peaceful and very professional. He helped me to understand the background of recording, so I felt very comfortable to work with him in every aspect. At the end of the recording session I was also very pleased with the final touch. He absolutely met all my requirements, composing the peaceful and calming background music for my meditations. I highly recommend his service to everyone who looks for a professional help in this field.

Warm regards,

Agnes Janowska, Life Coach

Agnes Janowskawww.agnesholisticlife.com
PTI Polish Theatre Ireland

Ireland, Dublin, November 25th, 2011

Konrad Kania was involved in Polish Theatre Ireland’s first project as a musical director. He worked with us in August and September 2010 preparing the soundtrack for our first production of Scent of Chocolate by Radoslaw Paczocha. The play tells a story of a disabled boy in the centre of broken family, whose ability to live in his own imaginary world creates a different level above all. Konrad perfectly knew how to express that through music he smoothly moved the domestic ordinary life to the big world of elephants so that people who were coming in to the theatre could feel the atmosphere straight away. He perfectly fitted my expectations towards my play and with no question he is one of those musicians that you give full credit of trust. And also one of those that you would like to continue working on your theatre project in future. He is a great artist with a rare sense of connection between written and unwritten.

Anna Wolf, Artistic Director Polish Theatre Ireland

PTI Polish Theatre Ireland www.polishtheatre.wordpress.com
Made-Up Theatre Company

Ireland, Dublin, January 25th, 2011

Konrad Kania worked for Made-Up Theatre Company as a musical director on our first project (“The Maids” by Jean Genet), which was performed in October 2010. He was working with us throughout the whole production process, attending rehearsals, taking charge of all the sound effects and composing the musical score. Since the play was quite challenging with its storyline and stylized language, we also needed quite specific music to highlight the atmosphere of mystery and danger. Konrad’s compositions completed the play perfectly and we could not imagine any other music that would complement our production better. He is an extremely talented artist with a rare and amazing ability to express the indescribable with sounds and music, which is an invaluable skill, especially in any theatre or film production. We genuinely hope to work with Konrad on our next productions in the future.

Yours Sincerely,


e-mail: made.up.theatre@gmail.com

Made-Up Theatre Companywww.made-up-theatre.blogspot.com
Ailani Therapy

Ireland, Dublin, July 15th, 2010

I have used services of Konrad Kania for recording of my meditation CD ‘Soul Secrets’ in June 2010. Konrad has not only recorded my voice, but also composed very suitable relaxation music, that included sound effects correlating with the text (i.e. birds singing during the ‘walk in the forest’ visualization, sound of mountain stream, angelic singing etc.). As this was my first time recording, Konrad gave me plenty of practical advice on how to speak in order to make the best recording possible. He also showed lots of patience and understanding to what I needed for this project. His mixing and mastering of recorded material is of very high quality and my clients expressed their compliments as to the overall experience that ‘Soul Secrets’ creates, always emphasizing the amazing music that accompanies the meditation. As an extra feature, Konrad included bonus track on the CD called ‘Touch of An Angel’, which is very emotional and creates an illusion of an actual angelic experience. The second bonus Track is a piece he previously composed for my website, called ‘Aura’, which ads a unique spiritual touch to my site. I will surely use Konrad’s services in the future, as I have other meditation CDs in plans in 2011. Some of the subjects I’m considering are ‘Smoking Cessation’, ‘Confidence Boost’ and ‘Healing Meditation’ (working titles). I can honestly recommend Konrad to anyone who is looking for a passionate and talented composer, or just wants to record their own projects. Konrad’s skills and professionalism in addition to his client-centered approach are a promise of a very satisfying experience.

Best regards,

Justyna Raducha, Owner Ailani Therapy

Ailani Therapywww.ailanitherapy.com