Konrad Kania is a passionate freelance composer, sound designer and guitar teacher with a broad range of creative and technical abilities.

Konrad started his music adventure by learning guitar artistry at the age of 10. In 1998 he founded rock band Antares. In the following years he was searching for his own artistic expression, drawing from various music genres.  In 2011 he completed the Audio Institute Of America course in Recording Engineering And Music Production.

His portfolio includes music for theatre performance “The Maids” by Made-Up Theatre Company, “Jack Kairo And The Long Hard Kiss Goodbye“, documentary project ‘Story of My Radio’ for Dublin City FM/120/h, online game “Dibbles 3- Desert Despair” by Armor Games as well as mixing and recording of tibetan bowls and gongs-new age music for Kings of the Wind, among others. He is involved with Polish Theatre Ireland since 2010 as musical director and main composer and has designed music and sound for the shows such as Scent of Chocolate (Focus Theatre, 2010), Chesslaugh Mewash (The Lir Theatre, Absolut Fringe 2011), Delta Phase (Theatre Upstairs, 2012), Bubble Revolution (Theatre Upstairs, 2013) and The Passengers (The New Theatre, 2015) being the last so far. His YouTube channel has attracted over eight million views and a lot of appraisal.

Konrad combines talent and creativity with hard work, to offer professional audio services for video, games, film production, commercials and other. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact Konrad anytime.